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Below you will find some tips to help you sell your home. Some of them may appear overstated or unrealistic for you and your lifestyle. However, it’s important to remember that your home has now become a product offered for sale. We want to make this product appealing to the majority of buyers. The closer you can get to your home to the “ideal” look, the more likely you are to obtain a quick sale at a good price.

During the selling process, the Cal Kaiser Home Team will provide you with feedback from the other agents who show your home. Please don’t be offended. Instead, let’s work together to reach your goals.

What can I do to help sell my home?

Yard Area

Keep it clean, neat, cut and trimmed. Accent the entry with colourful flowers. Put toys, garden tools, and so on out of sight. Make sure the pool and spa are clean.


Clean or replace carpet and flooring. Walls should be clean and touched up if necessary. Clean baths, kitchen, mirrors and appliances. High intensity bulbs will provide extra brightness to dark areas. Repair or replace handles, towel racks, knobs, etc. Reduce clutter, clean, organize, and eliminate odours in garage and storage areas.


Paint exterior if necessary, especially trim and door. Achieve maximum brightness with clean windows and screens. Entry lights should be bright and in working order. Patio furniture should be clean and attractively arranged. Pet areas need to be clean and odour free. Clean and repair any cracks in concrete.

What can I do just before showing?

For a daytime showing, make sure all curtains, drapes and blinds are open to let in light. For evening showings, turn on all the lights before you leave. Remember that if anything in the house is broken, you must disclose it – so better to have it fixed before you have a showing.

To create a pleasing smell throughout your home, sprinkle a few drops of vanilla on a warm stove burner (just be sure to turn the burner off before you leave!). Alternatively, you can warm a pan of water containing a few drops of vanilla in the oven. Baking bread or cookies before the showing will fill the house with a delicious smell (ask Cal for his yummy recipe for apple pie in a bag!).

Every day before you leave the house you should vacuum the whole space and wipe down the shower stall and tub, just in case a realtor wants to show the house that day. Make sure you refrain from smoking in the house and remove all ashtrays. Also remove all strong cooking odours – a neutral smell is very important.

Why should I leave when there's a showing?

Please don’t be home for showings. The buyer will spend more time looking if the seller is not there. Go to the neighbours, walk the dog, or stay in one room while the prospective buyers are looking through your home.

The goal is to have the potential buyer think of the home as theirs.



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