Reasons to Buy or Sell in Autumn

October 19, 2018 | Buying

We all know fall is the time to jump into your fuzzy PJ’s and curl up with a book or your favourite movie – but these pointers could give you the push you’ve been looking for to list your home!

As a seller…

While spring tends to have a higher demand in the real estate market, so does inventory. A major benefit of listing your home in the fall is that less “competition” is encountered. Having fewer homes on the market can result in a higher selling price. People who are house hunting in the fall/winter usually have a reason to do so; such as job transfers or moving, so kids can be closer to school. It is also the time of year where people want to move and get settled before the cold winter months roll in, and spend holidays in a new space. At this time, buyers also are in a mode where they are ready to make a decision. After spending the summer browsing homes, they are now mentally prepared and ready to get down to business.

In our climate – we have the four solid seasons. Autumn is a great time to list as the weather is still mild, and there aren’t any big holidays or vacations that people take to work around. There is also less traffic in the real estate market, which could make it easier to find a moving company – just one more thing to check off on your list!

While the weather is still mild, it can get very dark in the fall months – here are a few tips on how to embrace Autumn and address curb appeal for your upcoming showings:

-Power wash your driveway and walk ways

-Clean those carpets after spending all summer barefoot and tracking loose dirt in.

-Accentuate your home with fall colours, and add more lighting/candles/lamps, creating a cozy and welcoming space.

-Rake the leaves in the front yard, tend to your garden by pulling out weeds, and plucking dead flowers from plants or the ground.

-Allow as much natural light as possible by opening your blinds or curtains, or even moving furniture around that blocks light from spreading across the room.

-Ensure the house is warm for showings, creating a more inviting environment.

As a buyer…

The outcome of a slower market during the fall season can benefit both buyers and sellers. Shopping for a home in the fall will allow you to see houses before a surge in the market in the spring. Fewer showings – less competition!

Last but not least… you can score at year-end sales on appliances, and get that dishwasher you’ve been dreaming of!



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