Prepare your Home for Winter

October 29, 2018 | Homeowners

Fall is upon us! Temperatures are starting to cool, and it’s beginning to be dark more than it is light, what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming season?

Before winter hits, there are some jobs that need to be addressed so you don’t run into any problems in the middle of a downpour or a heavy snowfall!

-Clean gutters: gutters fill with leaves, and they must be cleaned before damage to your roof or foundation occurs by overflowing, since we usually have an abundance of rain in the fall and winter months.

-Trim trees: snow and ice are masters at weighing down tree limbs, if any dangle over your roof or shed… you may want to remove them before things get damaged.

-Mow leaves: instead of raking them, mow over them – it will add mulch to your lawn & protect it throughout the winter.

-Clear the deck: When objects are left out through the wet months it can cause damage to both objects and your deck.

-Pull weeds/clear debris: Digging a snow shovel right into hidden frozen weeds, and getting a handle to the ribs has got to be one of the most annoying things out there.

Winters on the “Wet Coast” can be quite damp and chilly. Did you know that setting your thermostat too high encourages heat loss? Warm air tends to be lost quickly, especially through doors, windows & leaky spots. Here are a few tips to have your home welcome you from the cold while saving a few pennies!!

-Keeping the heat between 20-22 degrees decreases the rate of thermal energy loss throughout the home.

-Drop temperature down at night and grab an extra blanket, and turn it back up in the morning.

-Heat only the rooms you use.

-Drop the temperature while you’re out.

-Take advantage of the sun when it comes on & open curtains, but close them at night to keep cold air locked out.

-Move furniture away from heat sources, allowing it to make its way around the house.

-Seal any cracks or leaks with caulking.

-Layer floors with rugs as an insulation method and to also keep your toes off the cold floor!

-Reverse ceiling fans: this will push warm air down – keeping heating bills lower.

-Cooking & baking does a wonderful job of heating your home!


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