Eco-Friendly Christmas!

November 21, 2018 | Homeowners

Do you ever look around your home after a hectic, yet lovely Christmas morning and all you see is wrapping, cards, & plastic? Multiply that by the billions of others who celebrate the holidays as well.

MILLIONS of cards alone are sent out each holiday season and they only have a one time use to them, before most of them end up in a landfill if they aren’t recycled.

While we’re all preparing for the holiday season, try taking a few extra steps this holiday to go a little greener! Here are a few ideas 🙂

Cut down on wrapping paper! Instead of buying rolls and rolls (as pretty as the holiday ones are), try using:

– Old posters and maps

– Newspapers

– A present wrapped in a present (place gifts inside re-useable containers, purse, food containers, cookie tins, flower pots, make your own reusable bag)

– Wrap gifts in your own, or your childs artwork

– Look through old magazines for cool pictures for smaller gifts

– Replace ribbons & bows with natural greens, berries, or dried flowers

– Wrap small gifts in christmas tea towels or oven mitts

– Use the brown paper bags from grocery stores – turn it inside out and wrap it

– Recyclable brown lunch bag, and decorate with some twine and even a tree ornament!

– If you have left over burlap from gardening that makes super cute wrapping paper!

– Re – useable fabric gift bags are wonderful (you could even sew your own…)

Rolling on back to the millions of cards that are used for holidays alone…. Try and recycle them by cutting into pieces and using for gift tags! OR give an e-card a go! There are tons of websites that allow you to create custom ones.

Another great way to recycle this holiday is to shop used for ornaments and decorations as well.

Now for gifts… Gifting experiences rather than things is so fun! There have been many times where I have been gifted things and they then end up unused. Here are a few thoughts on memories to give!

– Create a customized coupon book

– Concert tickets

– Gym membership

– Gift certificate to a restaurant

– Cooking lessons

– Brewery / Wine tour

– Cleaning services

– Gift certificate for family photos (LOVE!!!)

Personal, homemade gifts are never a bad idea either… 

– Homemade candy

– Homemade lotion

– Knit mittens/Scarves/Toque/Socks

– Soap

– Lip balm / Sugar Scrub

– Bake bread

– Bath bombs / Bath salts

– Jam/Jelly

– Candles

– Soup mix kit

– Hot cocoa in a jar

– Pet treats

And to finish off, here are a few eco-friendly gifts to purchase!

– Stainless steel straws

– Vintage jewelry

– Solid shampoo bars (aweome for travelling or camping!)

– Infused olive oils

– Organic wool dryer balls

– Reusable water bottle

– Bulk loose leaf tea

– Cloth napkins

Remember to bring those re-useable bags for all your shopping!!

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