3 Ways to Easily Brighten Your Kitchen

August 26, 2019 | Homeowners

Your kitchen is the hub for activity and the most versatile room in your home. Everyone usually gathers in the kitchen for conversation and comfort. If you find your central room is dark and unwelcoming, there are simple and cost-effective ways to brighten the space.


Colour adds warmth and appeal

 Choosing light paint colours like white or yellow, specifically designed for kitchens, will bring your space alive. A fresh coat of paint isn’t just for walls; brighten up furniture and accessories with contrasting colours. Use a semi-gloss sheen for easy cleaning.


Hang pictures with bright coloured flowers or scenes on bare walls. Allow lots of free wall space so the room doesn’t become cluttered and feel closed in.


 Update or spruce up cabinets and countertops

Depending on the year your house was built, you may want to update your cabinets and countertops. A cheaper solution to replacing your cabinetry is to paint it! Cream colour cabinets are trendy for 2019; try looking up DIY cabinet painting on Pinterest, or hire a professional if you’re unsure of your skill level.

Replacing dated handles and hardware is a cost effective and easy way to update your kitchen.

Countertops can change the feel of your kitchen immensely. Choose patterns that have light colours throughout the pattern. There are even products on the market that can be installed over existing countertops.


Add light coloured accessories


If your cabinets are dark and you’re not interested in replacing them or painting them, try adding in light coloured accessories to brighten the space. Remove clutter by clearing your countertop and any shelves of small appliances by tucking them away in cupboards or drawers. Then choose a few bright accessories like bowls or vases to add back to the space. Try a colourful jar to hold your utensils or a white bowl for your fruit. Pottery and ceramics are popular this year and are used for adding dimension to flat spaces. We have some really neat local pottery places right here in the Cowichan Valley!


A few simple updates can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. You can even try replacing your light bulbs to add more light to the room, or adding printed window coverings for a bold colour boost.

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