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Our Number One Focus: Helping You Find a Home

We’ve made buying a house in the Cowichan Valley easier with a process that’s been built with you in mind. The full-service experience that we bring to the table matches the place we call home – stress-free, streamlined, and results-focused to get you into somewhere you can really call home.

Days spent hiking the trails, out on the water, or touring wineries with friends. That’s life in the Cowichan Valley. We’ll help you live your every dream, every day – now’s your chance to make it home.

Here’s what you can expect when it comes to buying a house in the Cowichan Valley…

A Complete Sweep

Whether it’s for sale by owner, MLS stats, or our own listings (where you’ll get exclusive access), we canvass the entire area to find the homes you need to see.

Follow-Up & Feedback

When we tell you that you’ll be hearing from us, you’d better believe it. We take feedback seriously, so you’ll always get honest insight from us when you need it most.

Constant Contact

Worried about not being able to access your agent? Whether we’re hiking the cliffs, whale watching, or shopping local at the farmers' market, we’ll always take your call. We’ve built our full-service team to ensure that you will be cared for during every step of the process.

Negotiation Skills

Our position in the real estate community has given us real leverage when it comes to buying a house in the Cowichan Valley. We’re well-known, connected, and respected. You will be, too.

Your Cowichan Concierge

Whether you know a little or a lot about the Valley, we’ll help expand your knowledge even more. Need insider access and tips to live like a real local? We’ll help you feel like you belong before you know it.

Area Amenities

Need to know about local schools or where you’re going to get groceries? We cover the nitty-gritty, so that you can focus more on exploring the area.

The Buying Process

Our process is rooted in equipping you with the local expertise you need to make buying a house in the Cowichan Valley much easier. This is one of the best places in the country to live, and one of the best places to retire in B.C., which is why you need to hear about it from real locals.

If we can have an in-person conversation, we’ll do it. Otherwise, we’ll find a way to speak (whether it’s over the phone or via email). Then, we’ll have a conversation about what buying a home in the Cowichan Valley can be for you.
While we’re talking, we need to learn more about what you want from a home. We want to hear all about you, so that we can find the right home for you.
We’ll start showing you around, seeing different areas and home types, so that you can find the home that meets your needs. We’ll provide a practical approach to evaluating homes, so that you’ll know your future home the moment you see it.
Once you’ve found “the one,” we’ll negotiate while keeping your best interest, and your budget, at heart. If it’s your dream home, our work ensures that it’s not the one that gets away.
Closing costs, moving day, and every other important consideration – we help handle it all. A transaction doesn’t end with us helping you buy a home, we’re now your neighbours, fellow locals, and your friends.

Driven by Personality, Committed to Service.

If you want to get started on buying a house in the Cowichan Valley, you need to contact the best team for the job. Reach out today and we’ll start putting our expertise to work for you.

We don’t just talk the talk. Let us get to work for you.
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We’re not tour guides, we’re “home guides.” Driven by passion and results, we’ll help you fall in love with the homes in the area. Ready to start a new adventure?

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