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Finding the perfect home

Buying real estate with a realtor is a wonderful partnership. The goal of the realtor is to find you the best home to fit your wants and needs, while staying within your budget. These tips will help you to choose the realtor that is best suited for your specific needs.

Working with Cal

When you decide to work with us we make the commitment to you that far outdoes our competition.

Our first step is to find out what your parameters are. We look at the type of house you want, how much you are willing to spend, and what areas you are interested in. Then we cross reference that information with the data available to us through the multiple listing service, and our personal selection of listings.

The process is updated daily until we find the perfect home for you!

Why people buy

Quality of Life

When people purchase their first home the pride of ownership is always evident. You take care of your home far better than you care for a rental home.

Investment Potential

The largest investment for most people is their home. In the long run, investments in homes far outpace inflation. Homeowners build equity and can borrow against it.

Home inspection

Cal will always ensure that your sales contract includes a provision that gives you the right to inspect the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural portions of the property, as well as well water and septic tank inspections.

There are numerous inspection companies that provide services of this type. You can accompany the inspector to ask questions and receive a written report itemizing any areas of concern. Home inspections typically cost between $250-$400.

New homes

Cal and his team can work with most builders, and can get the information you need to make any decisions, but they will need to accompany you to the property on the initial visit.

By letting us help you with builders, you get all the services our office offers, as well as the services offered by the builder.


You have our promise to:

  • Make our best effort to find you the home that meets your needs,
  • Commit our time, experience, assets, and staff to find exactly what you want,
  • Incur all our car, phone, and administrative expenses,
  • Continue the home search until you either find a home or tell us to stop looking.

In turn we expect you to:

  • Let us know if your plans change,
  • Tell us if you want to look at a home listed with another broker, builder, or for sale by owner,
  • Tell us what you like/dislike about the homes we look at,
  • Tell us if you feel the need to talk to another agent,
  • Work with us until we find you the right home.

Regardless of which real estate company or real estate associate you ultimately select, there is going to be a cost!

However, if you select RE/MAX, which is arguably the world’s largest, most successful real estate company, and the Cal Kaiser home team, you will be working with the industry’s finest. You will not pay any more for the service than if you selected another company or another associate, regardless of experience or credentials.

Multiple Listing Service

As members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Cal and his team can show you any property. Through the MLS system we can do detailed searches of specific areas, prices, and other parameters. This system is updated regularly.

If you should by interested by an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, call us to get more information. If you want to see the home, we will arrange a showing.

As you are probably aware, the best online resource for listings is the MLS site at It will give you brief information on any property listed in Canada. If you require more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Financial details

When purchasing a home, there are many financial details to keep in mind:

  • Including taxes and insurance, what amount do you want to pay monthly?
  • What approximate price range do you want to look in?
  • How much do you have available for a down payment? Does this include closing costs?
  • Are you currently renting?
  • If you currently own a home, how much is it worth?
  • What is unpaid balance on your current mortgage? What is the interest rate? What length of term do you have? What is your current monthly payment?
  • What is your monthly income? Your spouse’s income? Any other monthly income you have access to?
    How long have you been at your present place of employment?

Many buyers apply for a loan and obtain pre-approval from their financial institution before they find the home they want to buy.

The benefits of doing this are:

  • You look only at homes within your price range
  • Seller are more comfortable with you, knowing that your loan is already in place
  • The transaction closes more quickly
  • You minimize the stress of not knowing whether or not you qualify for a loan
  • Because you are pre-approved, sellers view you as a “cash” buyer, putting you in a better bargaining position
Accuracy of information

Listing agents obtain information regarding properties that they list from many sources, including the owners of the property. This information can be very overwhelming. Therefore, as a buyer, it is imperative that you advise your agent which specific aspects of the property most important to you. It then becomes incumbent upon your agent to verify the information regarding those aspects of the property.


Buyers are strongly encouraged to obtain a survey on all real estate purchases. The survey will denote the exact location of boundary lines and the possibility, location, and extent of any easements or encroachments that might effect the property being purchased.


Moving is well known to be a stressful experience. Families leave memories, friends, relations, and activities. And while most of these can be replaced, the move is no less stressful.

Sometimes, children’s concerns and fears are overlooked when families move to a new location. A move is especially hard on teenagers or youngsters who are very involved in sports, social clubs or the arts. Teenagers and young adults can be asked to leave budding romances, high school or college activities, or even, to a certain extent, their personal dreams and ambitions.

It is paramount to include the children in the initial planning stage of a family relocation. Get them involved in the decision-making process. Ask your real estate associate to obtain information for the children that might ease their fears.

When searching for that perfect home, it is wise to involve the young adults of the family. Infants and very young children can sometimes hinder your search for a home because they quickly grow impatient. You may want to find a sitter during house hunting visits.

Remember, kids move too and they require very special attention during this stressful time.


Saving the best until last!

RE/MAX International, Inc. and the Cal Kaiser Home Team participate in the Children’s Miracle Network, which is a charity that supports the numerous Children’s Hospitals throughout Canada. Children’s Hospitals provide medical service to thousands of children every year without regard to cost. This most worthwhile charity has become the official charity of RE/MAX International, Inc. and its over 70,000 real estate professionals.

The Cal Kaiser Home Team hereby pledges a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your property will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network on your behalf. This truly makes your home a “Miracle Home”.



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